Out with the Offline, In with the Online!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. ~Not Albert Einstein, but someone smart, probably We are stuck in a pandemic time loop, it feels like. Every year, the same events repeat, without much of a difference. Festivals, rallies, the alarming spread of COVID-19, lockdown, stranded […]

Defragmenting Society: How Networking is Redefining the Fundamental Notions of Society, Human Interactions and Space

A decade ago, when the first movie in The Matrix trilogy was released, it was a wild addition to the genre of science fiction. The Internet was relatively new, and its inherent potential was yet to be harnessed, or even realized. The Matrix was a metaphorical representation of cyberspace, as a virtual, intangible, parallel reality. […]

Teeming Progressions

Until very recently, I believed that it was impossible for teamwork to be as successful and fulfilling as working solo, especially in the studio. Teamwork posed too many unconquerable hurdles, such as reconciling with people who have conflicting opinions, priorities and varying skill-sets which inevitably led to the most loathed concept of all: compromise. I […]