New Nomad

I fall asleep in one town I wake up in the next I have no home to call my own My mind: it knows no rest My thoughts: now scattered, now formative I’m filled with wanderlust You hear my footfalls in the night Kicking up the dust

Out with the Offline, In with the Online!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. ~Not Albert Einstein, but someone smart, probably We are stuck in a pandemic time loop, it feels like. Every year, the same events repeat, without much of a difference. Festivals, rallies, the alarming spread of COVID-19, lockdown, stranded […]

Arena of A Shared Schadenfreude

Should architects design prisons? The debate has been going on for some time. Some architects and architecture collectives have taken a stance and vowed never to design buildings that are used to cause harm and that violate human rights. The continued misuse of detention centers has been denounced by the American Institute of Architects. But […]

Art Activism

A series of digital illustrations created to be used as posters (online and printed) during the self-organized citizens’ protests (that occurred between December 2019 and February 2020) against the discriminatory and unconstitutional Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 in India. These posters have been included in the online archive collection of the Center for the Study of […]

Lakdikapul: A Wooden Bridge to Nowhere

Earlier this year, a new traffic island was created at Lakdikapul, which became a great solution to streamline traffic at what used to be very haphazard and confusing turning. However, what came on top of the island– in dissonance to the alleviation of traffic logjam– is nightmare-inducing to say the least. Not just for an […]

The Mosque as Magnet: Situating the Mosque in the Urban Morphology of Contemporary Cities in the Islamic World as an Integral Part of the Process of Rebuilding

It is a time for re-evaluation and re-evolution. Growing up Muslim in Saudi Arabia, I have had plenty of opportunities to pray at various mosques in the Kingdom, and sometimes even on beaches and in the desert. I have seen how the place one stands to pray transforms into a magnet with an organic congregation […]