I’m an architect and I run the experimental design and architecture studio, DesignAware, and the Fractals Workshop. I write to make sense of my thoughts and spark relevant conversations. I’m also a TEDx speaker. My aim is to give back to the community through socially-relevant projects alongside architecture and interdisciplinary design research.

I direct the construction administration firm, BuildAware, and I’m associated with the sustainable design and research initiative, ard.

I am a licensed architect under the Council of Architecture, New Delhi with registration number CA/2008/42304.

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Hunger is a perpetual virus. Due to the necessary lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19, many construction workers and daily-wage laborers have been left without any work or source of income. In India, thousands of migrant workers are left with no option but to walk from the cities where they work back to their hometowns on foot, a dangerous journey. Join us in raising funds to contribute to relief efforts by volunteers working alongside the government and police to provide food and rations so that the lesser privileged can sustain themselves and their families. It is so easy to #starvethehungervirus!


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