I’m an architect, educator and entrepreneur, and I run the interdisciplinary design and experimental architecture studio, DesignAware, and the generative design research initiative, Fractals Workshop.

I write to make sense of my thoughts and spark relevant conversations. My aim is to give back to communities through socially-relevant projects alongside architecture and interdisciplinary design research. I believe design and technology should not be confined within the bounds of a single discipline or become the forte of a select few, and I’m on a mission to make design more inclusive and democratic. I work across built and natural environments, analog and digital methods, and real and virtual worlds.

I co-founded BuildAware (in the middle of the pandemic!) to streamline construction and fabrication processes and gain better control over the quality of built spaces. I am currently researching the capabilities of AR/VR, machine learning and AI for application in design and fabrication, and I also design virtual spaces in the metaverse on Mozilla Hubs and UPWorlds.

I’m associated in a teaching capacity with the Boston Architectural College, CEPT University, Digital FUTURES, Turenscape Academy, and Meta Open Arts (formerly Facebook Analog Research Lab). I’ve written for The Wire, Indian Architect & Builder magazine, Architecture Live!, the Journal of the IIA, Gulf Construction magazine, and Mvslim.

I’m a fellow of the Startup Leadership Program and a TEDx speaker.

I’m intrigued by craft and different ways of making, designing and solving puzzles, speculative design/fiction/multiverses, storytelling, and the fine line between utopia/dystopia.

I’ve lived in many different places all my life, and work across borders, and I consider myself the New Nomad.

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