Licensed Architect, Council of Architecture, New Delhi, registration number CA/2008/42304.


2015- 2016
The Startup Leadership Program, Hyderabad Chapter

The Architectural Association School of Architecture, London
Master of Architecture (MArch Architecture + Urbanism) Design Research Lab

CSIIT School of Architecture & Planning, Secunderabad
Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture & Fine Arts University (JNAFAU), Hyderabad
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

work experience

Since December 2012
Director, DesignAware

DesignAware is an international award-winning practice with its network in Hyderabad, Dubai, London and Dallas. The experimental architecture and interdisciplinary design studio was born of an aim to create awareness through livable/wearable/usable/accessible/responsible design. DesignAware is deeply involved with the built and natural environments, and with real and virtual worlds via investigative design research across discipline/method/scale/context/interface. DesignAware sparks discourse on the relevance of an open-ended approach to education and awareness through community engagement. Taking an entrepreneurial route, DesignAware has worked on various self-initiated projects, with a particularly strong focus on socially-relevant work. They continue to question methodological and pedagogical norms through design research and practice.

Since November 2019
Co-founder + COO, BuildAware

Since July 2018
Associate, ard DXB

October 2011- October 2012
Senior Architect, Nandu Associates, Hyderabad

February 2011- August 2011
Associate Architect, MADe, Hyderabad

June 2009- September 2009
Architect, Anwar Aziz & Associates, Hyderabad

June 2008- May 2009
Architect, MADe, Hyderabad

March 2007
Intern (project-based), sP+a, Mumbai

February 2007
Intern (project-based), Sangath / Vāstu-Shilpā Consultants, Ahmedabad

January 2007- April 2007
Intern, Jignesh Doshi Architects, Mumbai

March 2005- December 2006
Junior Architect (part-time), MADe (formerly Studio Pencil Points), Hyderabad

July 2004- August 2004
Intern (part-time), Anwar Aziz & Associates, Hyderabad

teaching experience

Guide: Directed Research Project
+“Interlocking Assemblies” // Kirti N / Dhaneshree Ahir / Rutika Vora / Sukruti Marshetti // BDes (Interior Design) 2022
CEPT University

Thesis Guidance
+”Influence of Islam in the Core Unit of Society: Home” // Mariah Mansuri // BDes (Interior Design) 2021
+“Inflatable Auxetic System” // Kishor Kumar V // MDes (Computational Design) 2019
+”Programming Geometry across Dimensions” // Mounika Devaki // MDes IMIAD (Computational Design) 2019
CEPT University

Curriculum Design
+Making and Modeling // MArch // Boston Architectural College
+Computational Design and Digital Fabrication // BArch // VSPARC, Vellore Institute of Technology
+Basic Design // BArch // CSIIT School of Architecture & Planning, Secunderabad

Since January 2022
Course Developer + Adjunct Faculty, Boston Architectural College

January- June 2021
Curriculum Designer + External Studio Evaluator + Thesis Advisor (External Expert)
VSPARC, Vellore Institute of Technology
Capstone Projects (BArch 2021)
+”Acquainting Aerospace” // Poojaroshini Parameswaran
+”Experience Center: Spatial Translation of Classical Dance Forms” // Arathi Biju
+”Alternative Education in India” // Vishrutha Purushothama
+”Biophilic Coworking Space” // Nivya N
+”Channapatna Cultural Village: A Toy Story” // Taarika Ganesh

June 2021
Workshop Mentor, DigitalFUTURES, Tongji University

Since December 2020
Workshop Co-Director (remote), Boston Architectural College

Since October 2020
Global Teaching Artist, Meta Open Arts (formerly Facebook Analog Research Lab)

Since August 2011
Director, Fractals Workshop

The Fractals Workshop, created by Takbir Fatima, is a generative design, formfinding and computation workshop that draws inspiration from the evolution of natural systems, particularly fractals, and combines art, mathematics and structure. Since 2012, the workshop series has been to various cities around the world and since 2020, it has been taught online internationally. The outcomes of the workshop culminate in physical exhibitions of the installations, as well as perpetual virtual reality exhibitions. 

Selected Workshops 
+Parallel_Planes // online workshop for as a part of the CEPT University Winter School // CEPT University, Ahmedabad
+Analog_Algorithms // online workshop for global participants as a part of InclusiveFUTURES 2021 // DigitalFUTURES, Tongji University
+inter{lace} // online workshop attended by global participants // Boston Architectural College
+a/Synchronous // design + build workshop // Kerala State Institute of Design
+Virtuosity // online workshop series attended by global participants // in partnership with Turenscape Academy, China
+Gestalt// CEPT University, Ahmedabad
+Collective Intelligence series // Hyderabad Design Week 2019/ World Design Assembly
+HiveMind // Cindrebay Nurture + Asian School of Architecture & Design Innovations (ASADI), Kochi
+The Digital Vernacular // Dubai Design Week 2018
+ReOrient // Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar, Doha
+Generative Geometries // Kingdom University, Bahrain
+Crowdsourced 1.0 // Street Nights Art Festival, Dubai
+Curve Network // Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah
+Pixelated Surface // Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee
+SpaceFrame // VSPARC, VIT University, Vellore
+ProtoFolly // VSPARC, VIT University, Vellore + RV College of Architecture, Bangalore + Auckland University of Technology, Auckland
+Fractals Workshop Series 1.0- 4.0 // Marg Institute of Design & Architecture Swarnabhoomi (MIDAS), Chennai
+Aggregate // GCPIA, Surat + Muhammad Shameel, during Annual NASA Convention 2016
+Recursion // Aurora Design Institute, Hyderabad
+Double Curvature // Hamstech Institute of Fashion & Interior Design, Hyderabad
+Flexure // Woxsen School of Arts & Design, Hyderabad
+Curve System + Wireframe // ICAT Design & Media College, Chennai
+Spectrum // Chord India, Hyderabad, as part of the Access Micro-scholarship Program by the Government of USA
+Air Agency // Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad
+Crowdsourced 2.0 // Hyderabad Literary Festival

April 2013- October 2013
Visiting Faculty, Design Studio/ Drawing + Graphics
Bachelor of Interior Design (BDes), Raffles Millennium International, Hyderabad

February 2012-September 2014
Adjunct Faculty, Architectural Design
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch), Marg Institute of Design & Architecture Swarnabhoomi (MIDAS), Chennai

March 2008
Organizer, March Forth Design Festival

February 2008- April 2008
Teaching Assistant, Architectural Design/ CAD+BIM
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch), CSIIT School of Architecture & Planning, Secunderabad

January 2008
Restructuring of Basic Design Curriculum
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch), CSIIT School of Architecture & Planning, Secunderabad

invited juries

+External Juror, Interior Design Studio, MArch (Interior Design) // January 2022 // CSIIT School of Architecture & Planning, Hyderabad
+External Juror, Architectural Design Studio, BArch // July 2021 // JBR College of Architecture, Hyderabad
+Studio Evaluator, First Year Basic Design Final Jury, BArch // January 2021 // Vellore Institute of Technology
+External Juror, Architectural Design Studio IV Final Jury, BArch // August 2019 // Aurora’s Design Institute, Hyderabad
+External Juror, MDes (Computational Design) Final Jury // May 2019 // Faculty of Design, CEPT University, Ahmedabad
+External Juror, Architectural Design Studio 4 Final Jury, BA (Hons) Architecture // May 2019 // Herriot-Watt University, Dubai
+Juror, Muse Design Awards 2019
+Juror, AceTech Grandstand Awards 2019
+Juror, Annual NASA Design Competition (ANDC) Final Jury // October 2018 // Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad
+External Juror, Architectural Design Studio IV Final Jury, BArcg // August 2018 // Maestro School of Planning & Architecture, Hyderabad
+External Juror, Architectural Design Studio III Final Jury, BArch // February 2018 // JBR College of Architecture, Hyderabad
+External Juror, Foundation Design Studio Final Jury, BArch // September 2017 // VSPARC, VIT University, Vellore

community work/ non-profit projects

+Proposal for psi.neu by AutoMatter, a computation-based recyclable, easily-deployable, economical, dry-construction housing system for seasonal floor-prone areas in Phnom-Penh, Cambodia

+#StarveTheHungerVirus, a social media crowdfunding campaign to help provide relief to healthcare professionals as well as food to migrant workers impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown, through the virtual lecture series, Road Less Traveled, with international architects

+#MakeProgressPossible, a social media campaign to raise crowdsourced funding for community-building and pro bono projects

+Design and construction management of Hilltop School/ Bright Horizon Academy, a charity school for children from underprivileged sections within the walls of the Golconda Fort, Hyderabad, with Heritage Zone considerations and preservation of indigenous rock formations and trees, low-cost and low-maintenance; Silver Green Building certified by Indian Green Building Council

+Design and construction management of Sacred Space/ Musalla Haseen Pasha, a community micro-mosque for elderly residents of an apartment building in Masab Tank, Hyderabad on a low budget

+Fractals Workshop in collaboration with DigitalFUTURES (Tongji University) during their summer festival, InclusiveFUTURES, with an aim to make design education accessible and universal

+Fractals Workshop at Chord India for students of disadvantaged backgrounds under the Access Micro-scholarship Program by the Government of USA

+Open-source drawings and small-space plans made available for low-budget residential projects through DesignAwareness

+Social media campaign and graphic design for educating the girl child under the Government of India initiative #BetiPadhao, in collaboration with the Startup Leadership Program

memberships/ affiliations

+Advisor-in-Residence // LedBy Foundation

+SIX + MAPS Ambassador // The Architect Marketing Institute

+Licensed Architect, CA/2008/42304 // Council of Architecture, New Delhi

+Subscribing Member // Architectural Association, London

+Fellow // Startup Leadership Program (Hyderabad Chapter)

+Associate Member // Indian Institute of Architects (Hyderabad Chapter)

+Associate Member // Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID), Hyderabad Chapter