+psi.neu A Deflatable Architecture
Architectural Association Design Research Lab // 2011
Design research focused on programming prototypical vacuum-actuated dry construction systems controlled through computational design and on-site digital fabrication.

+Bringing Down the Walls: Contemporary Spaces in the Historic Core
CSIIT School of Architecture + Planning/ JNAFAU // 2007
A methodical understanding of factors and parameters that give life and use to spaces, resulting in a proposal for activating abandoned and dead spaces in a historic precinct of Hyderabad, with replicable and scalable solutions for other similar communities.


Architecture + Design + Urbanism

+Teamwork in the Studio as a Living Proof of Gestalt
Aavaran // December 2018

+A Blueprint for Re-evolution: The New Normal in Architecture
Indian Architect & Builder // November 2018

+Rediscovering the Childhood Joy of Walking, Jogging, Jumping
The Wire // May 2018

+Micro-Mosque, Macro-Spirituality // April 2018

+Looking to the Past for Answers to Present Urban Challenges
Gulf Construction Magazine // July 2016

+Lifeline of a Religious Structure // March 2005


Business + Entrepreneurship

+How to Apply for an Architecture Internship
Internity // May 2017

+Answers to Questions You Shouldn’t Be Asked
LinkedIn // November 2016



+Walk a Mile in My Hijab to Feel How Oppressed I Am
March 2019

+Layer Upon Layer
The Wire // June 2018

+No Way Out
The Wire // May 2018

+I Am a Muslim. Here’s Why I Wear My Religion on My Sleeve
The Wire // May 2018